TLR 22 4.0 Lightweight Nut Kit (Grey)


Lightweight CNC machined Aluminum Nut kits are a great way to add some bling and shave some unwanted weight from any RC car. Stock 22 4.0 steel nuts weight 6.5 grams, Our Aluminum 22 4.0 nut kit weighs in at a mere 2.5 grams. This weight reduction is in 3 critical areas of the car which includes Sprung weight, Rotating mass and weight way up on the shock towers.

Kit includes:

  • (8) Shock top nuts

  • (6)  Rear arm and front bulkhead Lock nuts

  • (2) Front King pin Lock nuts

  • (1) Slipper nut

  • (1) Practical reusable storage tube

Pictures demonstrate how this nut kit is intended to be used. This product listing is for (17) aluminum nuts.