HD Titanium Turnbuckle Set B6.2/D (Blue)


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The 175RC B6.2/B6.2D HD Titanium Turnbuckle Set is an optional upgrade for the B6.2 and B6.2D models. Titanium is stronger and lighter than the stock turnbuckles, and the turnbuckles are directional, allowing you to identify the direction that they should be installed. These Turnbuckles are the Heavy Duty version with a thicker diameter for added strength. These turnbuckles are anodized in Blue. Package includes six turnbuckles - front and rear camber link, and steering link. 


Included in each turnbuckle kit is a 2.9mm drill bit. The drill bit MUST be used to drill out the ballcups in order to fit the larger diameter turnbuckles.

  • Part # 18060