B6.1 Lightweight Nut Kit (Black)


Lightweight CNC machined Aluminum Nut kits are a great way to add some bling and shave some unwanted weight from any RC car. Stock B6.1 steel nuts weight 7 grams, Our Aluminum B6 nut kit weighs in at a mere 2.2 grams. This weight reduction in in 3 critical areas of the car which includes Sprung weight, Rotating mass and weight way up on the shock towers.

Kit includes:

  • (4) Shock cap top flanged nuts

  • (6)  Ball stud Locknuts

  • (1) Slipper nut

  • (1) Practical reusable storage tube

Pictures demonstrate how this nut kit is intended to be used. This product listing is for (11) aluminum nuts.